The REAL Alternatives 4 LIFE project has recently launched a FREE e-learning course completion certificate available to anyone who has completed all pages of all nine of the  e-learning modules. The e-learning modules cover fundamentals and safety related to low GWP refrigerants (flammables, carbon dioxide and ammonia).  The e-learning is available in 15 different languages.

Low GWP refrigerants are now firmly established in the market and completing REAL Alternatives e-learning is a convenient and accessible way of improving your knowledge of the principles of working with these refrigerants.  E-learning cannot however replace practical training and hands on experience, and REAL Alternatives also offers standardised teaching materials for practical training programmes which are being delivered in 15 countries across Europe.

Since the launch of the REAL Alternatives 4 LIFE e-learning last year, over 1,800 individuals have enrolled in the online course.  Nearly 600 teachers and technicians have completed practical training courses and passed an assessment which allows them to gain a full REAL Alternatives 4 LIFE CPD (Continued Professional Development) Certificate.  The REAL Alternatives training was developed by a consortium of training providers and institutes across Europe and is co-funded by the EU LIFE Programme for environmental initiatives.

To sign up for the free e-learning or to find a practical training course in your country visit our web site at