On 5th April, the much-awaited proposal for a revision of the F-Gas Regulation was published together with a proposal for a new ODS Regulation. Whilst AREA warmly welcomes the proposed extension of the training and certification scheme to alternative refrigerants, we are very concerned by the strengthening of the phase-down and the expansion of bans. We feel these disproportionate provisions may not just prove unrealistic to implement for the market – notably as regards rapid upskilling needs vs capacities - but are also obstructing the EU’s ambitious decarbonisation objectives, in particular in relation to heat pumps. This is what the RACHP industry is expressing in the attached joint statement.

Marco Buoni, President of AREA, said:

It is a shame that the effect of the new provisions on training of installers will be negated by the new set of bans. With hundreds of thousands of technicians needing to be upskilled to safely handle highly flammable refrigerants, the installer base will just not manage to make the conversion in time as there remains a shortage of both training facilities and trainers across the EU.”

The upcoming decision-making process will hopefully provide an opportunity for necessary adjustments in order to ensure that the Regulation continues to support EU’s climate objectives.