To celebrate World Refrigeration Air-Conditioning, and Heat-Pump Day on June 26th, we are delighted to share some activities that AREA members are hosting on this key day for our sector. 

So, what are they get up to?

Our Spanish member AEFYT, in cooperation with other business associations, is organising a virtual event on June 25. This event is called “COOL CAREERS” PARA UN MUNDO MEJOR’’. “COOL CAREERS” FOR A BETTER WORLD and will be focusing on the education, technology and Europe investments.

Also on 25 June, SOSİAD (Turkey) will be holding a webinar special on "Champions of Refrigeration: Reputable Career for a Better World".


In Portugal, APIRAC launched WORLD COOLING DAY 2021 on the occasion of the Association's 46th anniversary: “Cool” Professions for a Better World! To mark the dates, APIRAC has launched a cycle of video testimonies on the importance and motivations that young people can find in a career in the Thermal Industry sector in its various aspects: Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Heat Pumps.

They have challenged companies, entrepreneurs, and protagonists of our Sector to make a testimony about the contributions and merits of our activity to the society in which we live: the food we eat, the air we breathe and the comfort we require. Videos are released HERE

To celebrate WRD2021, NVKL (Netherlands) brings refrigeration technicians to the spotlights in a LinkedIn post.

On 1 July, Associazione dei Tecnici del Freddo (ATF - Italy) will host a webinar on "Cool Careers: the Cool Youth will save our World 2.0".

In Finland, FREA, in their KylmäExtra magazine interviews people working at different professions in refrigeration. Interviews are published as Youtube videos. They also published list and map of schools and universities who are providing education related to refrigeration and heat pumps and a serie of articles about “Refrigeration in everyday life” and “At refrigeration work”.

The Institute of Refrigeration Ireland (IRI) developed a flyer to promote a craft career in RACHP.

To celebrate the industry on World Refrigeration Day and many days later, FRIXIS (Belgium), has put refrigeration in the spotlight with a Facebook and LinkedIn post. Next to this, Frixis launched an online community to promote the profession, where installers can share pictures and story’s. Each month, a picture is chosen by a jury where the winner receives a fun surprise and the winning picture is put in the spotlight.

UNEP partnered with key RACHP associations around the globe to organise two webinars, on 23 June - Inspiring Women to Pursue Careers in Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning & Heat-pumps (RACHP) -  and 28 June - Motivating Career Opportunities in Managing Refrigerants – with key speaker, Marco Buoni, AREA President.


AREA is proud to be a part of such events highlighting how essential our sector is today all over the globe.