Constant technological evolutions and recent regulatory changes are reshaping the refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump (RACHP) sector. For contractors, the challenge is to embrace these developments whilst maintaining excellence. In its Vision & Strategy 2020, AREA identifies 6 key areas for a striving RACHP contracting sector.


  1. Sensible standards and regulations that support rather than obstruct our sector’s development;
  2. Minimum education and certification requirements on low GWP refrigerants to ensure safe and competent handling;
  3. Energy efficiency as a key driver in refrigerant and system choice;
  4. Guidance on technological developments to ensure up-to-date knowledge;
  5. Exchange of information and best practices within the sector through the AREA network;
  6. European and international cooperation at both industrial and institutional levels.


AREA President Per Jonasson said: "Innovations and regulations make refrigeration and air conditioning more exciting but also more complex. Users rely on expert contractors more than ever (...). These priorities will guide AREA’s activities in the years to come. AREA will mobilise its structure and its network to work on each objective through tangible contributions."


For more information, download AREA Vision & Strategy 2020 in the Publications section.