AREA welcomes the extension of the F-gas certification scheme to alternative refrigerants in the new F-gas Regulation as a necessary complementary addition to the existing F-gas provisions in order to ensure safe, efficient and reliable handling of these refrigerants. This is an important step forward in increasing safety in the RACHP sector, both for the end users and the technicians at work.

The definitions and categories of certification which will be defined in the implementing act, provide the clarity needed in order for the Regulation to translate into practices and behaviour in line with the European climate ambitions and the energy transition.

In this context, AREA members welcome the new certification structure including five categories as listed in article 3 of the draft Implementing Act, and in particular the creation of two new certificates, B and C, respectively for CO2 and ammonia.

However, we would like to highlight the need for a sub-category A for smaller heat pumps and air conditioning systems.

To know more about our position and our comments on Annex 1 “Minimum requirements as to the skills and knowledge to be covered by the evaluation bodies”, read our position paper available below