Two new F-gas bans entered into force on 1st January 2022: refrigerators and freezers for commercial use with HFCs of 150 GWP or more, and, multipack centralised refrigeration systems.

In this position, AREA provides its views on several concepts (commercial use, multipack centralised systems, hermetically sealed), as well as what types of maintenance and repair operations may or may not constitute a new 'placing on the market' that needs to comply with the applicable ban.

The document will hopefully provide the many end-users and contractors whom the ban affects, as well as enforcement authorities, with a clear and feasible way forward whilst contributing to the efficacy of the Regulation.

DISCLAIMER: the views expressed in this position represent AREA's opinions on the application of the F-Gas Regulation. These views do not represent any official or legally binding interpretation. Member States are ultimately responsible for the implementation of the Regulation and only the European Court of Justice can issue binding interpretations of EU legislation.