AREA members elected a new Board of Directors for 2014-2016 at its General Assembly meeting on 9-10 May 2014 in Padua (Italy). After serving for 4 years, Graeme Fox stepped down President of AREA and was replaced by Per Jonasson, from the Swedish association KYL. Mr. Jonasson had been in the Board as Treasurer.

Coen van de Sande (NVKL, Netherlands) and Wolfgang Zaremski (VDKF, Germany) joined the Board as Treasurer adn Member, respectively, whilst Philippe Roy (SNEFCCA, France) left after 4 years.

The new President Per Jonasson warmly thanked Graeme Fox for his close involvement, tremendous work and overall success in the past four years, notably with the revision of the F-Gas Regulation. He considered his new task as both challenging and exciting and looked forward to representing the sector to his best.