AREA has 3 categories of members: ordinary members, associate members and international observers. This last category was recently created to reflect the international dimension AREA has been taking in the past years. It makes it possible for refrigeration and air conditioning contractors' associations from outside Europe to take part in AREA activities and receive membership benefits against a very low contribution.

For more information about the International Observer Status, please download our brochure at the bottom of this page.

The highest authority is the General Assembly, who elects the Board Members, approves the budgets and the accounts (after a review by two auditors) and has to ratify all strategic and important decisions. The General Assembly meets twice a year, in spring and autumn.

The Board, headed by the President, is also composed of the Immediate Past President, the Vice President, the Treasurer and may be joined by specially elected Members. The Board prepares and implements the decisions of the General Assembly, represents the association, controls and supervises the daily management by the Secretary General. The Board also serves as a guidance, reference and conciliation authority to the various working bodies.

AREA Board 2018-2020

Left to right:
Grzegorz Michalski (KFCh, Poland), Board Member
Graeme Fox (BESA, UK), Board Member
Stig Rath (VKE, Norway), Treasurer
Marco Buoni (ATF, Italy), President
Gerhard Neuhauser (ÖKKV, Austria), Vice-President
Per Jonasson (KYL, Sweden), Past President

Working bodies undertake AREA technical activities

  • Information Group is in charge of assessing any regulatory, legislative, vocational or technical issue relevant to the refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump contracting sector, and devising strategies and work plans
  • Task Group streamlines and coordinates the activities and priorities of ad hoc task forces
  • Task Forces deal with specific issues and formulate draft positions or recommendations


AREA structure


AREA is managed by a General Secretariat ran by Orgalim.

Area Secretariat

















For more information about AREA's structural organisation, please see the  STATUTES (English version)