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AREA completed a Leonardo Da Vinci Project EUR/02/C/F/NT- 84604 (EC Agreement N° 2002-4549/001-001LE2X.). The project was carried out between December 2002 and November 2005. An enquiry involving approx. 350 craftsmen in 7 European countries was carried out in July, August and in the first half of September 2003. The statistical analysis of the answers received was summarized in a report written by the Monitor Group. 

The project finished with the establishment of an AREA portfolio of qualifications and skills needed to work in the field of refrigeration and air conditioning with excellent craftsmanship. 

MARC - "Measurement system for the AREA Refrigeration Competencies" is short sample questionnaire on the main competencies that are essential for a craftsman in the Refrigeration Industry. It enables you to judge your current skills and knowledge. As a result, MARC gives you feedback on your personal profile. You can compare your status with the results of other refrigeration craftsmen in Europe.