AREA is delighted to support the second World Refrigeration Day on the anniversary of the birth of Lord Kelvin on the 26th of June. Such a celebration is an acknowledgement of the societal contribution of refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pumps (RACHP), whether related to health, food, or comfort. Refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump contractors, represented by AREA, are proud to play their part in achieving such developments for society.

Now, more than ever, we understand how important and essential our sector is for modern life. Cooling is critical in fulfilling the most immediate needs of European citizens in preserving food and medicines, providing thermal comfort in hospitals and homes, keeping data centres running, and much more. In the context, refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump contractors, represented by AREA, play an essential role through ensuring the maintenance, repair and overall efficient functioning of refrigeration, cooling and heat pump systems. They allow the cold chain to operate and the internet to function, and they support healthcare.

AREA is a unique association. We are the first European association of RACHP contractors, and we act as a global example of how different national organisations can work together for the greater good of the RACHP sector that we celebrate on this day. Our strength lies in our numbers with 26 independent associations in 22 countries across Europe, representing 125,00 small and medium enterprises whose activities make up a core part of the European economy and are vital for its success.