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 Newsletter | November 2019



Successful training on flammables in the Czech Republic

SCHKT recently hosted a training on flammables in Prague which resulted in six technicians securing their REAL Alternatives 4 LIFE certificate.
Would you like to host your own training? We have representatives in many countries that can support you.



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REAL Alternatives 4 LIFE attends MOP 31

REAL Alternatives 4 LIFE recently attended the 31st Meeting of the Parties to the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer (MOP 31). 


The team took part in a side event promoting training standards. The presentation was very well received and got a lot of interest from developing countries keen to reduce the environmental impact of their cooling sector.




Armenia joins REAL Alternatives 4 LIFE

Armenia has become the latest country to have a REAL Alternatives 4 LIFE National Lead. The Educational Fund of Shirakatsy Lyceum is responsible for promoting the learning resources in Armenia, translating materials and working with training providers to deliver assessment and certification courses based on REAL Alternatives. Click here to contact the Armenian National Lead.




E-learning now available in Russian

Our e-learning platform in available in Russian here! The modules are now available in 15 languages making learning about alternative refrigerants more accessible than ever!

Russian speakers can also find out more about the project from our web site which has a Russian version.




About the project...


Industry groups are joining together to help provide information on the safe use of alternatives such as ammonia, hydrocarbon, carbon dioxide and low flammables though the REAL Alternatives learning programme.    Resources developed as part of the project offer innovative blended learning - a mix of e-learning, face-to-face training materials, practical exercises, assessments and an e-library of learning resources.

The free multi-lingual learning materials are available for individual development or use as classroom training materials. They include e-learning content, electronic tools, a comprehensive library gathered from existing resources.  The e-library contains over 100 useful industry resources.

The project is co-funded by the EU LIFE Programme for environmental initiatives.



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