With 97% of EU buildings in need of renovation, the EU Renovation Wave Initiative and the upcoming targeted revision of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) represent a true opportunity to boost both energy efficiency and indoor environmental quality that cannot be missed: by making the most of an appropriate indoor air quality, human-centric lighting, acoustic, thermal comfort and control and automation systems, the health and well-being of the occupants will be improved and productivity gains delivered.

We call upon EU policymakers to: 

  • Set mandatory minimum requirements for indoor environmental quality in the upcoming revision of the EPBD and accelerate the replacement of old systems. 
  • Support reduced aerosolised transmission of respiratory infections. 
  • Introduce a Deep Renovation Standard in the EPBD that includes minimum IEQ Performance Requirements.
  • Include IEQ as part of an updated framework for the Energy Performance Certificates in the upcoming revision of the EPBD. 
  • Set requirements for the inspection of technical building systems.
  • Set requirements to ensure the deployment of smart technologies for healthy buildings and an improved smart readiness indicator (SRI).
  • Include indoor environmental quality indicators in the EU Building Stock Observatory. 
  • Incentivise training and certification schemes for building professionals, such as designers and installers and Facility Managers. 
  • Ensure the enforcement of Member States’ Long-term Renovation Strategies (LTRSs). 
  • Set mandatory minimum requirements from 2025 for new and existing buildings of continuous monitoring, evaluation and reporting of IEQ parameters

The Statement is available below