Industry holds out hope that the European Parliament will take a practical approach to the challenge of reducing climate warming F-gas emissions and support the view taken by its industry committee in the upcoming plenary vote.

Brussels, 22nd March 2023: An alliance of 12 leading European associations and global partners active in the European market and representing industries manufacturing, servicing and installing heating, cooling, refrigeration and foam insulation solutions offered proposals to the European Parliament to effectively implement an F-gas phasedown while achieving the EU’s climate and energy security goals.

On 30th March, Parliament will vote on the F-Gas Regulation Revision that aims to reduce emissions from hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) and related fluorinated substances, which are used in many products, including heat pumps, air conditioning, refrigeration and foam insulation. The alliance is now offering several concrete and ambitious amendment proposals to the F-Gas Regulation Revision proposed by the Commission.

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