Our Spanish member CNI has recently published a Spreadsheet to calculate the TEWI value, which is part of the design documentation of a refrigeration installation according to the Spanish legislation for both, the well-being, such as an aerothermal system or ambient heat pump, or refrigeration equipment for other purposes: food preservation, etc. 

Together with the TEWI Calculation Sheet, CNI has published a Technical Document with instructions for handling the calculation program where an example of the result is shown, and many questions about the TEWI are also answered. These documents have been prepared by Javier Ponce member of the CNI technical committee.

The TEWI Calculation sheet takes as reference the values of 19 of the most used refrigerants in Spain with the possibility of updating their PCA values and adding others. You can also find links to applicable regulations and other related information of interest and it will be updated periodically. CNI offer these documents for free to all professionals interested.

Both documents are available below 👇