General mission statement

"support and initiate activities to promote the industry and its high standards of quality, in order to serve users' interest in a safe and uninterrupted usage of efficient refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump equipment, and to create and maintain a favourable business climate for European refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump contractors, in terms of quality, safety, employment, fair competition and profitability".


General objectives

  • Harmonisation of education & training / certification
  • Promotion of technical evolutions
  • Environmental protection / tackling climate change / energy efficiency
  • Recommendations on and promotion of professional techniques & high-level standards


Key issues

Regulatory aspects
- F-Gas Regulation implementation and review
- Monitoring of ODS
- Energy efficiency
- Climate change
- Eco-design of energy-related products

Professional standards
- Heat pump installation
- F-gas leakage testing

Professional guidance
- Low GWP refrigerants