REAL Alternatives 4 LIFE is inviting you to take part in one of our two webinars that will explain how you, as a training provider or employer can benefit from our blended learning approach.  The REAL Alternatives 4 LIFE training programme includes self-study e-learning, booklets for students and a package of resources for trainers wanting to develop training courses including specifications for practical training and standardised assessments leading to Certification of technicians.

  • 13 February 2019 – 2pm UK time - hosted by Marco Buoni from ATF this webinar will focus on flammable refrigerant training. Register here .
  • 25 March 2019 – 2pm UK time – hosted by Walter Reulens of UCL training school this webinar will focus on carbon dioxide training. Register here .

If you can’t attend these events please register anyway as they will be recorded and you will be automatically sent a link after the event.
REAL Alternatives 4 LIFE is recruiting new training providers to deliver our multilingual training and certification programme. The  elearning is now available in 15 languages and training programmes are being rolled-out through Europe during the next 18 months.  If you would like to become a licensed training provider or a national lead who can promote this package in their country please contact us here

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