On 25 November, AREA President Marco Buoni spoke at a virtual event alongside the 32nd Meeting of the Parties to the Montreal Protocol – MOP32. 

Organised by Centro di Studi Galileo, the discussion focused on low-GWP training and certification. Highlighting key topics: 

  • Training and certification: mandatory or voluntary, advantages, commitment to improving standards, policy implication and so on. 
  • Alternative natural refrigerants in the HVAC/R community worldwide.
  • REAL Alternative training impact worldwide: why organisations get involved in the project, what they have achieve and what they see coming in the future. 

The webinar, presenting the EU-funded blended learning project, attracted 80 participants, including attendees from the UN Delegates and experts from the sector as well as 8 international project partners (AREA, IIF-IIR, ATF, IOR, IKKE, Prozon, SCHKT, CNI). 

Watch the full video and download the presentations