Working together towards an effective implementation of the EPBD

Heating and cooling account for almost half of the EU’s energy consumption, therefore, in the context of the newly adopted EPBD, AREA has developed a series of recommendations towards effectively implementing the legislation at the national level.

Member States should recognise the importance of inspections in ensuring refrigeration equipment are in optimal conditions and to ensure that there is a higher degree of compliance for inspections throughout Europe, as this will result in higher energy performance – assisting in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and consumer savings in their energy bills.

Technological innovations such as BACS bring positive outcomes for the inhabitants, but the technology is not sufficiently advanced to self-regulate. National legislation should introduce regular inspections so that the technology may be recalibrated in order to perform at its full potential.

Furthermore the long-term renovation strategies of the building-stock should take into account reducing as much as possible emissions. For this, a key challenge will be making financing options available and ensuring the quality of indoor air conditions.

See enclosed AREA’s recommendations on how to address these challenges !